Stokes Valley customers please note that effective from the 20th of February the collection day will be changing from Tuesday to Friday until further notice.


Rubbish Karts Maneuverability

With Lightweight construction and wheels, there is no need to walk up and down

your garden to dump your weeds or other waste. This versatility makes

a Daily Waste Rubbish Karts are a sensible, realistic and cost effective option for rubbish control.


Large Capacity

We have karts with 240 litre capacity, which is equivalent to five rubbish

bags, so you can save time and money from going to the rubbish tip.

Fill the Kart with garden waste, bottles, household waste, cans, paper,

in fact just about anything.

Items that can not go into the Karts are Concrete, Wood, Dirt or Bricks.



A sealed lid ensures that odors are kept in and flies, dogs, cats and rodents are kept out.


Low Cost

From just $6.65 (GST inclusive) per week, for 1 years service, we will come and pick up rubbish from your home. Other options are available and there are no contracts to sign.


Please note that there is a maximum of 4 weeks credit given in a 1 year period when putting calls on hold.


12 Months Weekly Collection with 4 weeks free  –  $340.00

6 Months Weekly Collection with 2 weeks free  –  $214.00

3 Months Weekly Collection  –  $129.00

12 Months Fortnightly Collection with 4 weeks free  –  $260.00

6 Months Fortnightly Collection with 2 weeks free  –  $155.00

12 Months Weekly Collection  –  $241.00

6 Months Weekly Collection  –  $137.00

3 Months Weekly Collection  –  $89.00


Prices include GST and all collections are payable in advance. Wheelie Bin/Kart Rates Effective From 10 Dec 2017.  Early termination fee of $35 applies.

If you need any further information please call on 04-388-7711 or send us an inquiry below.


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